About the artistic work

Curriculum Vitae


Text by Susanne Opheys   Text by Dr. Sabine Schütz

After studying painting and graphic printing in Germany and Spain, my current artistic expression has been powerfully shaped by the environment in which I work.
In both Barcelona and Cologne I have built creative working spaces. I spent 13 years in Barcelona where the Mediterranean light and the reflection of colours
have influenced my work. There, as in Cologne, one is surrounded by water and mountains: these have a fundamental influence on the creation of my paintings.

My earlier, intensively colourful works have developed within the last five years into an expression which is more earthy and connected to nature. The choice of my working environments has been motivated by my long-standing interest in botany and my great affinity for nature. (The power of water and mountains is a constant source of nourishment for my inspiration.) Nature is a precious gift which inspires and powers the realisation of the images in my mind.

My typical way of working is to create a series. I like to delve into a topic for a long, intensive cycle so I can look at it from many aspects. It often happens that I pick up the same topic after some time to look at it again from a different perspective - thus creating a new, different series from the same topic.

This way my work remains an exciting, very enjoyable process which continually brings surprising developments.